Somebody kick the Blue Dog?

Pelosi threaten to take them to dinner? What?

Prior to the House voting on the massive Porkulus bill this Friday, there were many in the Democrat Blue Dog Coalition who expressed reservations about being asked to vote for the monster without having sufficient time to read it.

One of whom was Charles Melancon (D-La.), the Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications;

Democratic leaders went ahead and scheduled the Friday afternoon vote after posting the 1,073-page text that morning, even though they pledged to make conference reports available for 48 hours.

For a number of conservative Blue Dog Democrats, as well as other members of the caucus, the situation was irksome.

“That’s kind of troubling me,” Blue Dog Co-Chairman Rep. Charles Melancon (D-La.) said Thursday. “The honorable thing to do is to give the time see the bill.”

“Some of the other Blue Dogs that I’ve talked to have similar feelings,” Melancon said. “”When you make commitments, you follow through on them.”

Funny, speaking of commitments, I don’t see him on the list as voting against Porkapalooza.

The Democrats who voted against the package are Bobby Bright, Parker Griffith, Heath Shuler, Gene Taylor, Walt Minnick, Peter DeFazio, and Collin Peterson.

The list of “Blue Dogs” is long, 47 currently, and apparently 40 weren’t bothered enough to actually read the stimulus, much less refuse to vote for it until they were given sufficient time to do so.

One House member, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, actually voted against the bill because it “was too heavily weighted toward tax cuts”.

“We started out with a lot of talk about timely, targeted and temporary, and a whole lot of talk about infrastructure. And we have ended up with a bill that contains four times as much money for tax cuts as it does for infrastructure and putting people back to work,” DeFazio said.

Right or wrong, at least he voted his conscience. He’s not even on the Blue Dog mailing list.

What leash did Princess Nancy put on the rest? Melancon after publicly stating the obvious, still voted for the thing.

Even DeFazio cried foul and voted against it, though mostly against tax cuts I suspect;

“The President has been most eloquent in talking about the need for transparency. The unanimous consent of the caucus, I think, sent a pretty clear signal that we were, too,” Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) said on Thursday, referring to the motion to instruct the conferees that no Democrats – or Republicans – opposed.

Some transparency, and it seems to me when you vote for a 48 hour stay of execution and then blatantly ignore the same, you are a liar, in black and white.

Only one thing left for these folks now.

Nancy! Come back! They're being mean-spirited!