Senator Collins on her Defection to the Dark Side

“Well I hope my colleagues will remember we cut over 150 billion…”

Yeah Senator Collins, how about the rest?

The House Stimulus bill was analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office, who said it would be too slow to stimulate. The Senate added to the cost, does that make it a better bill?

Lords86 asks two questions of Collins, but primary is this;

Would someone please inform Senator Collins that once this bill goes to conference, it’s too late to regain your senses? On FoxNews this afternoon, Senator Collins, sounding amazingly uninformed (this is saying something – kindly stated, I have never been overly impressed with her wit given a seeming inability to quickly articulate a cogent argument on nearly any issue) and almost impervious to reason, states that she won’t vote for the bill out of conference, if it contains all the pork that she claims to have removed.

If Sen. Collins insists she cross the isle, should we maybe insist she stay there?