Mr. IOU Doing a little spending of his own?

Another Dem who thinks he has a different set of rules?

Big surprise there, you get one set of rules, bureaucrats and politicians get another.

California state Controller John Chiang, “Mr. IOU“, decided things are soooo bad in California that tax refund checks and certain state payments will be suspended or IOUs issued.

Now it seems the same state controller has ordered more than $2 million dollars worth of office furniture for his top floor office.

"This table gotta GO!"

“This table gotta GO!”

In a series of competing press releases Tuesday, state Sen. Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria, and the Controller’s Office squared off over how much is appropriate to spend on office furniture during tight fiscal times.

Maldonado, who represents parts of Santa Cruz County, charged state Controller John Chiang with ordering more than $2 million of unnecessary work stations in his “plush,” top-floor office.

“How is that acceptable?,” Maldonado said in his release. “Here is an elected official who is in the press every day talking about cutting services, stopping checks to welfare recipients and issuing IOUs to hardworking Californians.”

Hey, only trying to stimulate the local economy, right? “IOU, but you owe me!”?

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