More California Scheming?

I did my taxes today. I’m screwed next year when my daughter turns 18 as instead of basically being a single Dad, I’ll be a single white male. Slime in California.

Turns out I’ll get a whopping $69 back from the Feds (or so), and almost a $600 check (IOU) from the State of California. Whoohoo.

But if California Democrats have their way, not only will it be a huge dive into the negative for me, it’ll be the same to millions of others like me; people who actually work more than one job, shoveling the monetary coal into the furnace to keep the boiler fires burning.

At times it does feel to me like I’m the Fireman on a train, shoveling as fast as I can to get the fire hot enough for the train to make it over the hill. Democrats in Congress keep conspiring to make the hill higher, and no matter how fast I shovel, there’s only so much coal in the bin.

My California Dream is to just make it day to day, give my kids a chance at a higher education if they want it, and be able to retire after my body is worn out from seven day workweeks.

Now it seems, they want to take more coal from my bin before I even see it.

Found this chart giving a state-by-state breakdown;

Guess what? I have something in common with a person making one million dollars a year, my tax rate! In making just over $50,000 a year at three jobs, I’m considered rich by the idiots running this state.

Now the few holding the line in the GOP side of the house may be thinking about putting additional taxes on the table in negotiations with Democrats. We can’t handle any more taxes folks!

With the exodus of people from California who finally are sick of this crap, who’ll be left to shovel the coal?

Hold the damn line.