I.T. Deceased Local GOP

And yet they wonder; why is Ventura County, California going blue?

I last wrote about this here, and after that I thought I’d wait a bit and see if maybe local GOP leaders were just getting over the holidays. Maybe they needed time to commiserate the presidential defeat together or alone, or possibly they won a couple of local races and thought their job was finished.

I went back to their website and still seeing nothing new, thought I’d try signing up and maybe getting some info via email.

Will I attend the 2/27/08 mixer?

Huh? This website was last updated January of last year? Maybe early February at latest, either way seems a fairly lackadaisical way to run a political site. Further, there was no way to simply sign up for info without a contribution. Like I’m giving these folks money? They possibly wouldn’t even know they’d gotten it.

I perused the site a bit more, and finally found the area to volunteer and receive information. I had a haunting sense of déjà vu, like I’d done this before. I had! In 2004 prior to the re-election campaign, and slowly the emails I’d gotten trickled to nothing. It’s been so long since they’ve sent any; apparently I forgot they ever did.

I went to the Newsletters area to double-check;


I went back to the Democrat equivalent and there found even on the front page, a profound difference, actual activity, swarming with it, even. Scrolling down, they provide news and information in trying to boost their state Democrat legislators in their efforts to illegally raise taxes! Guess they don’t pay taxes, or not nearly enough.

And most the important difference of all is this;

They have actual meetings, scheduled monthly, and no doubt people go there. We don’t have that, unless it’s a stealthy invitation only affair.

The malaise seems to coincide with the choice of McCain as the nominee, which goes to show you what the wrong nominee can do to local hopes and ideals.

Be that as it may, there is a clear need to soldier on and continue to fight against the Democrat attempt to twist the state constitution into a pretzel with their illegal tax increase.

And yes, the state GOP does in fact have alternate ideas and have submitted them, only to be locked out of the process by Ah-nold and his Democrat cohorts.

Alternates to the local Ventura County Republicans can be found in San Fernando Valley if you don’t mind driving against traffic to another county after a long day at work. Alternately, Santa Barbara County seems engaged, if you don’t mind an even longer drive.

Better still, call these folks here and ask them to shift it out of neutral, or give somebody else the keys.