Paging Audra Strickland (R CA37); Where's OUR Chuck Devore?

(Hat tip to paulag1955)

The California budget fiasco is about to hit the headlines soon, with Democrat legislators still trying their end-run on the California state constitution. Looking for leadership, I’m personally forced to turn to Chuck Devore (R CA-70) down in Orange County for leadership.

Here locally, Ventura County, formerly a GOP bastion, has recently turned Blue, albeit barely.

The latest numbers: 150,066 Democrats and 149,627 Republicans.

“Everybody’s on cloud nine,” said Laura Winchester of Thousand Oaks, vice chairwoman of the county Democratic Central Committee. “From the standpoint of momentum, this is a huge blow to Republicans.”

The DNC knows it, does the local GOP?

Looking at the differences in communications between party officials, legislators, and local constituents, it’s painfully clear the local GOP has little to offer. Even after eking out a close win in the local state Senate race between former state Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth (Taxin’) Jackson and Tony Strickland, and the win in the 37th District Assembly seat by Audra Strickland (yes, husband and wife), the local GOP seems content to congratulate the winners and go home. No events scheduled and nothing for a potential activist to sink his /her teeth into.

Compare this with the local county Democrat page. Tons of coming events, lots to do to build on their Presidential victory and turn the County of Ventura from barely blue, to dark blue.

I’m not expecting the Stricklands to turn the county red alone.

There are folks like me, angered by the shenanigans going on at the state level and we want answers.

For example, I go to Audra Strickland’s official page; the last update I can find is October 29th.

I picked an Assembly Democrat totally at random; first one I find is Mike Davis (D CA-48). Embedded video on the front page extolling the virtues of passing illegal tax hikes, Toy Drive information, Foreclosure Prevention Fairs; in short, every appearance of one who cares about his community and issues.

Pick another, I’ll bet you see much the same differences between the GOP and Democrats, and this will cause us to be further pushed into the tar pit as a political force in California.

Time for engagement, time to be on time and on target with the local issues; the holidays are over, there’s a huge info gap between us that must be repaired.

The local paper, The Ventura County Star, endorsed Audra Strickland for her current assembly seat, and I’m betting it’s the last endorsement she sees from that paper without a complete re-vamp of her digital image. #Tcot tactics are a start, and I’m suggesting even a Facebook page, such as the one her husband Tony Strickland created.

There’s a line being drawn in the sand between the GOP and Democrats with the budget, and local stories are full of dire projections, with editorials finding fault with the GOP for believing that tax increases in a down economy will kill growth. Local legislators such as the Stricklands need to address the PR situation with written articles explaining their positions. Educate the electorate, or at the very least, educate the local GOP activists. Give us something, anything to turn the tide against the Democrat media blitz.

As to the local GOP, I’m not sure if it’s depression at the big loss in November, or there may be a fundamental difference between Republican and Democrat in that Republicans turn to family and jobs between elections while Democrats stay evangelical about their issues and live to fight, but the time to address this is now, before we’re looking at more losses in 2010 and irreversible political anonymity in California.