Christmas Vacation…Terminated!

“Get back to vurk!”

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling state Legislature back for yet another special session to get what he wants on the state budget deficit.

“I will sign an executive order and call them in again for a special session to continue working on this problem,” Schwarzenegger said while making an appearance at a Fresno high school. “I believe that we can solve this before Christmas. I hope that the Legislature stays in the building, I hope that they continue negotiating, Democrats and Republicans.”

Democrat leaders said they wouldn’t call everybody back until they themselves reach a deal with the governor.

“I’m going to be here, the speaker is going to be here,” Senate President Pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, told reporters. “We’re going to be working through the holidays, trying to work out the remaining differences with the administration.”

Despite the Governator’s statements, he was nowhere to be found in Sacramento.

“He seems to think we need to be here all the time,” Bass said.( Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles) “Maybe he needs to be here and join us.”

The governor, possibly sick of all the phone calls he’s getting, urged all Californians to call their representatives.

“I ask the people of California … to put pressure on the legislators,” he said. “E-mail them, call them, and send them cards. Really bombard them and just let them know ‘we sent you there to do the right thing.’ “

We HAVE been Gov’nor, but the idiot Democrats still want to raise taxes and kill what’s left of the economy.

Calling @chuckdevore! Keep after them!