California Dems Try To Backdoor Their Constituents

Operation “BOHICA” underway in California (Bend Over Here It Comes Again), as California Democrats Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and Senate Pro Temp Darrell Steinburg (who replaces “Mafia” Don Perata) are even at this late hour are trying to circumvent California Proposition 13 by not calling them “Taxes” but instead calling them “Fees”.

Proposition 13 was passed back in 1978, and in part, it requires a two-thirds vote majority in local elections for local governments wishing to raise special taxes.

Since then, the California State Democrats have to basically get the GOP state legislators to break any “No New Taxes” pledges they may have made to pass increases.

Now the Democrats are attempting to “backdoor” a variety of increases;

Under the Democrats’ plan, sales taxes would increase by three-fourths of a cent. Gas taxes would go up by 13.5 cents per gallon. And a surcharge of 2.5% would be added to income taxes.

The plan relies on loopholes in the law that allow legislators to increase levies with a simple majority vote – as opposed to the two-thirds vote typically required – under very narrow circumstances. Obtaining a two-thirds vote to pass tax increases would require some GOP lawmakers to break their no-tax pledges.

Democrats would justify implementing the taxes with a simple majority by calling some of the revenues “fees” that pay for particular programs. Such fees can be put into effect without GOP support. They are also planning to take money from existing fee accounts, use it to balance the budget and then replenish the accounts with higher fees.

The California GOP rejected the idea and are standing firm;

GOP members in the Assembly stood united against tax increases on the argument that it would hurt the down economy and cost more jobs in a heavily taxed state. What Democrats called an investment in the state’s education system, Republicans characterized as bloated government.

At 7:00PM Assemblyman Chuck Devore (R 70th Dist @chuckdevore) was planning to make a “Parliamentary inquiry” about the illegal tax hike vote, setting the stage for legal challenges to follow.

We need more like Chuck in this state, and other states as well as they ask “Where’s Our Chuck Devore”?

Anyone living in California might call these folks;

Steinberg Phone:   (916) 651-4006

Karen Bass Phone: (323) 937-4747  (916) 319-2047