Initial Arab Media Reactions to Obama's Election

I like to keep tabs on what the Arab world is really thinking, and found a good site that searches all the misc Arabic news services and translates the pertinent for us. Beats $250 for lessons;

Initial Arab Media Reactions to Obama’s Election

Al-Qaradhawi: The Democrats Are Like a Snake That “Kill[s] You Slowly Without You Noticing”

See, even these guys know!

Iranian Daily: “That Black Man” Will Never Change U.S. Policy

Well, Iranians missed the target. Obama’s not even sworn in yet and he’s trying to change everything.

Syrian Daily: “We Hereby Declare Obama the 44th President [Before It’s Official]… Even If It Might Be Considered Irresponsible Journalism”

Must be getting live feeds from MSNBC.

Saudi Daily: No Difference Between Obama and McCain

Say what?

Al-Hayat Columnist/Al-Arabiya Deputy Director: “The Faces [in the White House] Change in a Way That We Find Impressive”

I find it depressive.

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