Remembering a friend

My unit mobilized for Iraq in Feb 2003, and de-mobed in Sept the same year fortunate that all came home. There were some injuries, a few earned an early ride home but all in all we were blessed.One fellow Seabee apparently didn’t feel she did enough and volunteered to go back yet again barely two years later.Her name was MS1 Regina Clark, her rate changed to CS1 with the rest of the Mess Specialists as they became “Culinary Specialists”.

As a CS there wasn’t a lot of cooking to do in Kuwait, either we were eating MREs or TCNs (Third Country Nationals) prepared our food on site, or off and it was trucked in. In Iraq we ate strictly MREs unless we were lucky enough in our travels to be at a base that had the Mass Meals.While with our unit Regina cast her lot in with the Supply Dept, and devoted herself to Morale and Welfare in her spare time, setting up pizza parties with pizza from Kuwait City, volleyball games where the Marines would whup our a**es, whatever she could do to pitch in elsewhere, she’d do.

Two years after our return home, I ran into her at the Naval Reserve Center in Port Hueneme, Ca.“What the heck ya doing here?!” I asked, she was in desert cammies.“Goin’ back, Brock!”She filled me in, she was going to see if she’d actually get out of Kuwait this time and into Iraq. I got her deployed address and told her I’d write if I got time. Of course I somehow never found the time.In July, I got an email swearing me to silence from my good friend Rick. Regina was killed in action, her family didn’t yet know, and he had no details.Next drill weekend was that coming weekend, and we all scrambled for info, but it didn’t really come out until a couple months later as the Unit she deployed with returned.I got the straight gouge here.

It was a year before I found a picture of her with the folks she last served with, not sure how to imbed pics here, but I’m giving it a shot;Regina Clark