Did McCain cut the noose loose?

John McCain was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno November 11, 2008 to coincide with Veteran’s Day.Did he take the opportunity to come out in support of his VP pick? There’ll be no “…it didn’t come up” allowed.

Or did he kick the lever holding the trap door shut?

C’mon John, do the right thing, not the center, or moderate, or whatever.Check it out for yourself, to me he doesn’t quite nail the “anonymous tipsters” down in my eyes. Referring to them, he says “…I have at least a thousand[quoting with his fingers sarcastically] top advisors…people that I’ve never even heard of being quoted…”

Don’t know if I buy that he’s unaware by now who’s been dumping the garbage, but I do wish he’d been a bit stronger in his condemnation myself.

Part two of the interview here.