Obama congratulated-by Ahmadinejad!

November 07Obama congratulated by Ahmadinejad!

Ahmadinejad offers congratulations to Obama

Iran – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has congratulated Barak Obama on his election win — the first time an Iranian leader has offered such wishes to a U.S. president-elect since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Ahmadinejad sent a message to Obama in which he congratulated the Democrat on “attracting the majority of voters in the election.”

The text of the note was carried by the official IRNA news agency on Thursday.

In the message, Ahmadinejad also says he hopes Obama will “use the opportunity to serve the (American) people and leave a good name” during his term in office.

Iran and U.S. have no formal diplomatic relations since 1979 and the hostage drama when militant Iranian students held 52 Americans captive 444 days.

So is this a bad thing to be congratulated by the President of Iran who repeatedly threatens you and your allies?What some may not be seeing in the MSM is that Ahmadinejad has openly threatened to annihilate Israel and openly supports Hamas and others with sandals on the ground and bombs on their backs.

He continues to work on his “Peaceful Nuclear Program” while coincidentally building missiles with longer and longer range as well has the capacity to carry nuclear warheads.

Not to mention his support of Shia terrorists in Iraq.

All the above you’ve seen before and clearly won’t be impressed. There are some things to keep in mind though while watching developments in the Middle East;

  1. Things will never be better until Israel ceases to exist as a nation in the Middle East

  2. The US won’t really be trusted as we are kafir

  3. Until the US is willing to throw Israel alone to the wolves, we will be hated, no matter who is President of the United States.

Clinton tried, people still died. Was he seen as negatively overseas as Bush? No, he wasn’t, and looking back you see how he was used repeatedly to gain time to re-arm and strike inside Israel again and again.

Bottom line; How far are you willing to go, given the hard realities above, to obtain Peace in the Middle East?

I know the point of the thread was Ahmadinejad congratulating Obama. Why would he do that? Is it possible, even remotely, that his reasons for doing so were that he thinks he now sees the possibilty of a peaceful co-existance with Israel and the United States?

Or is there another possibility that I’ll leave you to ponder.

“We sleep safe In our beds because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those that would do us harm.” – George Orwell