Deja vu, all over again

8 years ago it was Gore, left, then 4 years later, Kerry, more left. This time it’s Obama, and I’m shocked the farthest left person in the US Senate with the ties he has would get this far. What’s it going to be in four more years, or who rather?People in this country are so easily manipulated by the left, and why? Because the first thing the actual Communists did when they took over any country on Earth was take over the schools. Then they took the media by the graduates from the left-leaning universities got jobs at the papers, TV stations, and later big networks.They got their people legitimately elected into public office, and started moving their agenda. The Democrat Party was slowly taken over by these folks, pushing real Kennedy Democrats like Lieberman and Reagan out.They ditched the “Communist” name, because of its obvious negative associations and picked “Liberal”. Now that name has been associated negatively, it’s become “Progressive”. And it’s all the same basic idea;”From each according to their ability-to each according to their need”; take from the “rich” and give to the poor, like Robin Hood. Only problem is, like in California, the “rich” is defined as anyone making over $50,000. I work two jobs plus the Reserve thing and barely break the $50k mark. That puts me in the same tax bracket as someone making slightly less than One Million Dollars a year, almost 10%. Every year while scrambling to come up with money to pay the Christmas bills, I have to scramble to come up with my California tax debt. Last year I had to put it on a credit card.Once Pelosi and Reid have Obama to pass all their legislation, what’s to stop them other than a Republican filibuster? And if the Democrats get over 60 members in the Senate, then who’s to stop them? I honestly don’t know how we’ll make it here if the takeover happens. And We The People are marching blindly to vote for a guy just because somebody famous somewhere told them to, or they thought Obama made them “feel” good when they saw a speech.Pot makes you feel good. Crack, coke all make you feel good, or so many wouldn’t become addicted to it. Now the Country is apparently addicted to Obama. Why do I feel so bad? Guess I didn’t toke hard enough.You know that quote above was Karl Marx, I’m sure. Doesn’t that pretty much describe all the Democrat Party wants to do?Inevitable we have to fight this same fight until enough kids graduate from Leftist U to vote in their New World Order.