Good Men and the Mainstream Media

Sanford and Ensign are the latest moral casualties in the Republican Party, and we can be sure that the mainstream media will continue to chase every possible rabbit trail to collect all the gory details. Many are pointing out that these same reporters are largely indifferent to the moral failings (or illegal dealings) of their friends on the liberal side, so the double standard being used is noticeable. However, in the weeks and months ahead, as we cry out for mercy from the flogging we receive from the MSM because of the choices made by these two men, let’s keep some important points in perspective.
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.       Edmund Burke

Good men.


Republicans usually claim to be “good men” (people), so how can it be wrong for them to be held to a high moral standard?

On the other end of the spectrum:

  1. Ted Kennedy somehow avoided jail after causing the death of a young woman; no one has ever held him (or his family) to any standard of conduct.
  2. Joe Biden once had to quit the presidential race because he’s a plagiarist. No one holds him to any standard. “That’s just Joe.”
  3. Bill Clinton’s problems with the truth are well-documented; no one (well, except Obama’s pals during the recent election) holds him to any standard of conduct or speech. He can pretty much do anything he wants, and he does.

Clearly, the mainstream press expects nothing of liberals, so they are never disappointed in them.

It may be discouraging and unfair, but it is realistic.

And by the way, if we expect nothing from the MSM, we will spend less time being “disappointed” in them. What is, is.

Yes, we can get mad about it and waste time being distracted by the absolute hypocrisy being displayed, OR we can rise above it all and win elections with excellence on all fronts, moral and otherwise.

There’s one more reason we need to hold ourselves to the highest standards:

As the frightening truth continues to trickle out about this administration, we will actually have a foundation for our dissent. That’s planning ahead. That’s the way to win — not from a position of moral weakness, but strength.