Cainsexcainsexcainsexcainsex - ENOUGH already

Not since Sarah Palin’s decision to NOT enter the 2012 Presidential race has a topic received so much dawn-to-dusk coverage on redstate’s front page.

I just counted: 13 of the past 19 front-page entries are about Cain and the allegations of sexual harassment, over a roughly 24-hour period. Each one is breathlessly reporting some trivial development, or some politico’s comments on the latest trivial development.

I fear we are playing into the Left’s hands by behaving as though this is far and away the most important issue facing us in the 2012 election, with 9% unemployment, trillion-dollar deficits, nuclearizing Iran, etc. barely hitting the radar. Hell, I feel soiled just by posting this d*mn diary.

May I humbly suggest that our esteemed front-page authors spend a bit more of their energy on other stories, and wait for a news cycle or two (didn’t that used to be called a “day”?) before giving us the latest blow-by-blow on the topic.

If you are short on topics, here are a few suggestions:

  • How are we doing with our plans to take over the Senate in 2012? Besides the Democrats we want to eject, are there any incumbent RINOs that are being primaried by upstarts who deserve our support?
  • What is new on the legislative front at the state level? Are any states passing legislation that would be of interest (positive or negative) from conservatives?
  • What new outrages are being perpetrated by the Obama regulatory machine, in its relentless drive to kill jobs?
  • What has the Obama administration done TODAY to waste our tax dollars? Any new Solyndras on the horizon? And how goes the Congressional effort to reign this in?
  • Are any cities handling the Occupy protests appropriately? If so, can we learn lessons from those cities?
I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface of the fascinating things we conservatives could productively discuss. Microscopic, minute-by-minute analysis of allegations of Herman Cain’s sexual peccadilloes doesn’t belong on that list.
My opinion, anyway. Thanks for listening. You may now return to your Cain fixation if you wish.