Time to apply stronger measures in Wisconsin?

Democrats understand the concept of “By Any Means Necessary.” They use it persistently and consistently. I think we are about to find out if Republicans have the stomach to return the favor.

I understand the quorum requirement is less stringent for non-budgetary matters, and the Republicans can take them up without the Dems.. I suggest the Wisconsin state legislature take up some non-budgetary topics now, in the absence of the Dems-on-the-lam. Right-to-work and voter-ID is a good start, but here are a few more examples that might get their attention:

1. Decertify the teacher’s union, immediately, and forbid them from any organizing activities on state property for 5 years.

2. Upgrade to a felony the act of falsifying medical records, including doctor’s notes for illness, punishable with 25-years-to-life in state prison.

3. Any state legislator who misses 5 consecutive days of a duly-called legislative session without just cause is immediately removed from office and barred from holding a government job or elective office for 10 years.

4. Any party whose absence (without just cause) “in toto” prevents a quorum in a legislative session for 5 consecutive days is no longer automatically placed on the general election ballot, but instead must submit petitions signed by at least 5% of eligible voters for each elective office in order to receive a place on the ballot.

I’m just brainstorming here; I’m sure others in the Conservative movement could come up with more. Of course, if the Dems return to do their jobs before these measures are passed, we could table them to committee and suspend further action.