Carly Fiorina Plays the Victim Card

“Forget that I’m a woman,” Carly Fiorina told reporters in Iowa this week. “I’m used to being held to a higher standard.” This was a not so subtle way of reminding everyone that she is the only woman in the 17 candidate Republican field, and not at all in keeping with the way she has previously conducted her campaign.

Fiorina is upset that she will very likely not make it into the ten candidate field on the main stage for the CNN debate on Sept. 16. She has accused CNN of “having a finger on the scale”, as well as having some choice words for Reince Priebus and the RNC for refusing to intervene on her behalf. Apparently Fiorina woke up this week and decided to actually read the debate qualification criteria published by CNN on May 22, over three months ago.

The media plays into Fiorina’s cause by repeating the meme that she has been “surging in the polls” since the first debate. In fact there have been only three qualifying polls (CNN, Fox & Quinnipiac) conducted since that debate. Hardly enough to establish a trend-line and certainly not enough to determine who should qualify for the next debate. Fiorina is polling at an average of 5% in those three polls, up from an average of 1.3% in those same polls taken before the first debate. Hardly a surge, since it is within the margin of error of the three polls.

In the eleven qualifying polls that CNN will use, Fiorina is averaging 2.0%. Chris Christie, who is currently in 10th place is averaging 3.6%. If indeed Fiorina is “surging” and deserves to replace Christie (most likely), then she can make up the difference in the remaining polls taken between now and Sept. 10. Until then, she should stop portraying herself as a victim.

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