Bashar Assad: Our new BFF?

There is only one disciplined, well-trained military force in the Middle East that is willing and capable of fighting and defeating ISIS.  No, it isn’t the “Free Syrian Army” (whoever that is), the Iraqui Army or the Kurds.  It is the Syrian Army of Bashar Assad, which is already engaged in fighting ISIS, with some limited success.  If we don’t want to put American boots on the ground in Syria, and if we are serious about defeating ISIS, then it is time for the United States to change its position regarding Assad and the Syrian government.

Does anyone even remember why President Obama decided that Assad had to go?  Does anyone believe that our current policy of opposing Assad, but doing nothing has any credibility?  Does anyone think that if we had bombed Syria and forced Assad from power that ISIS would not have filled the vacuum and taken over all of Syria?

Yes, Assad is a brutal dictator.  Yes, he used chemical weapons on his own people.  Yes, he has viciously crushed those who oppose him.  So what.  He’s exactly what we need to destroy ISIS.  Secretary Kerry should be immediately dispatched to Damascus to negotiate an end to sanctions on Syria in exchange for military coordination between the U.S. and Syria in attacking and destroying ISIS in Syria.  That is a strategy which will lead to victory over our common foe.

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