Don't look now, but North Carolina just turned Red

A new Rasmussen poll of likely voters in North Carolina released today has Romney leading by + 6 (52% – 46%).  The RCP average of polls for North Carolina now has Romney at +5.6 (50.3% – 44.7%).   North Carolina has now firmly moved into the Romney column on the electoral college map.  For the first time, Romney now leads Obama 206 ECV to 201 ECV.  To add to Obama’s woes, Romney continues to increase his lead in the Gallup 7-day tracking poll.  As of today, Romney has stretched his lead to +7 (52% – 45%), even though the poll now includes all of the results of the VP debate and the first day after the 2nd Presidential debate.  The Romney surge, which began with the first debate, remains unchecked.  Romney only needs to put in another solid performance in the third debate on Monday night, and this election will be over.