Memo to Governor Romney: Make the Bold Choice for VP

Dear Governor Romney:

Now that you have returned home from your overseas trip and are in the final days of making your Vice Presidential selection, I wait anxiously to hear your choice.  Now is not the time to be timid.  Now is not the time to play it safe.  Be Bold, Governor Romney.  Choose Marco Rubio.

This election is, as Karl Rove put it, “tight as a tick”.  With so few undecided voters available, the decision will be likely be made in favor of the candidate who is able to turn out the base.  The VP nominee that will excite the base and maximize turn-out in key swing states is Marco Rubio.  Yes, all those other potential candidates that you have under consideration are competent and capable.  Yes, they have longer resumes and more experience.  But, let’s face the facts.  They are dull.  And what you really need is a VP who is enthusiastic and who will generate enthusiasm.  Only Marco Rubio can do that.

Need I remind you that the path to the White House runs straight through Florida.  Yes, you might win Florida on your own, but this election is too important to take that risk.  Marco Rubio will surely put you over the top in Florida, as none of the other choices can.

And don’t forget Nevada.  There is no reason that you ought to be running behind in the polls in Nevada.  That state is ripe for the picking.  And it is the state that Marco Rubio grew up in.  It is his “home” state in the same way that Michigan is your “home” state.  Only Marco Rubio can attract the Hispanic voters in Nevada that you will need to win that state.  None of the other choices can do that.

And Marco Rubio can make the case for the free enterprise system and the American Dream that none of the other candidates can.  We’ve heard him do that, and he has made believers of us.  His story is the fulfillment of the American Dream.

Qualified to be President?  Of course, he’s qualified.  He is a member of the United States Senate and he has served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.  He wouln’t be on your short list if he wasn’t qualified.  And he has the fortitude to withstand any challenges to his qualifications.  He is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama could hope to be.

Make no mistake about it, I will vote for you regardless of who you choose as your running mate.  But, I will be a lot more certain of the outcome of this election, if you make the bold choice for your running mate.  Show us that you are the risk taker who built Bain Capital into a successful organization.  Show us that you are still that man who turned the 2002 Olympics around when others shied from the task.   You didn’t get to where you are by playing it safe. Be Bold, Governor Romney.  Choose Marco Rubio as your running mate.