Another bad day in the Supreme Court for Obama

The day began with the SCOTUS announcing its decision in  United States v. Home Concrete & Supply, LLC.   In a5 – 4 decision written by Justice Breyer, the court ruled against the Obama administration and the IRS attempt to impose additional taxes and penalties on Home Concrete even though the statutory limit of 3 years had passed.  The IRS simply decided to extend the limit to 6 years, unsuccesfully claiming extenuating circumstances as their justification.

Then the court heard oral arguments in Arizona v. United States concerning the constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration law.  It went so badly for the U.S. Attorney that at one point Justice Sotomayer told him to “move on, this isn’t selling.”  Mainly the Justices couldn’t get a handle of why the Obama administration was opposed to receiving state assistance in enforcing immigration laws and why states can’t check an individual’s citizenship status.

Looks like Good Guys 2, Obama 0.  If you’re keeping score.