President Romney's Cabinet: A few suggestions

Now that EE has declared Romney the nominee, and since everyone knows that Marco Rubio will be the VP, it’s time to start assembling the talent for Romney Administration’s Cabinet appointees.  Here’s my list.  Let’s see how many I get right.

Secretary of Health and Human Services:  Rick Santorum (take that Obamacare)

Secretary of Interior and Secretary of Energy:  Newt Gingrich (okay, it’s two jobs, but Newt can handle it.  Anyway the Secretary of Energy needs to control the oil and gas leases and surface mining which are under the Interior Department.

Secretary of Homeland Security:  Rick Perry (Don’t mess with Texas)

Secretary of State:  Jon Huntsman (my most controversial pick, but, hey, he speaks Mandarin Chinese)

Secretary of Defense:  General David Petraeus (no explanation needed)

Secretary of Treasury:  Mitch Daniels (a step-up from OMB with policy making authority)

Secretary of Education:  Jeb Bush (a late endorsement is better than no endorsement at all)

Secretary of Labor:  Tim Pawlenty (he needs a job, and he was a labor law attorney)

Attorney-General:  Rudy Giuliani (Chris Christie is my sentimental favorite, but we need Christie in New Jersey as Governor)

And just abolish the rest of the Cabinet departments.

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