Newt has a Ron Paul moment--or two

Responding to a question from Greta Van Sustern last night about what he would do about Afghanistan if he were President right now, Newt said that he would talk to the generals and ask them to develop a plan to “withdraw our troops as quickly and safely as possible”.  A few minutes later when asked about the Obama administration’s approach to high gasoline prices, Newt said that Secretary Chou’s recent testimony before Congress was a good reason to “abolish the Department of Energy“.

Immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan?  Abolish the department of Energy?  Sounds like Newt is beginning to adopt Ron Paul’s positions on the issues that matter.  If things don’t work out for him in getting the Presidential nomination, is he positioning himself to be Ron Paul’s Vice President?  Who would have thought that Newt was a “Peace and Prosperity” Libertarian?

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