Newt Gingrich: Dead Man Walking

Yes, Newt won his native state of Georgia.  Big Whoop!  Would someone please tell him that there were nine other contests last night.  It’s not that he wasn’t on the ballot in Virginia (whose fault is that?), but Ron Paul got 41% of the vote in Gingrich’s current home state and Newt didn’t bother to vote.  In Tennesse and Oklahoma, which Newt was declaring that he would win a week ago, he came in third, losing to Romney as well as Santorum.  In Ohio, he finished a distant third and clearly cost Santorum a much-needed victory.  Amazingly, he finished dead last in the other five states.  He not only lost to Ron Paul in Massachusetts, Vermont, North Dakota, Idaho, and Alaska, Paul trounced him in all of those states.

In a long and rambling “Victory” speech that lasted 25 minutes, Newt recounted the history of the campaign to this point, pitched a skit to Saturday Night Live, relived his pipe dream of 7 “Lincoln-Douglas style debates” with Obama, and imagined that gas prices could go to as low as $1.13 per gallon in a Gingrich Presidency.  The only purposes that Newt’s continued campaign serves are to divide the anti-Romney vote, force Rick Santorum from the race, weaken Mitt Romney and re-elect Barack Obama.  Yes, he will probably win Alabama and Mississippi next week, but where does he go after Louisiana.  Has he even looked at the April primary schedule?

Newt:  Turn out the lights.  The party’s over.  They say that all good things must end.