It's time for Rick Perry to climb back on the horse.

The first rule of breakin’ horses, is “When you’re thrown off, climb back on.”  I learned this from my father-in-law who in his younger days was a thoroughbred trainer.  More importantly, everyone who grew up on a ranch in Texas knows this to be a fact.  So, conservatives need to stop pining away for candidates who aren’t going to get into the race and start demanding that Rick Perry “reboot” his campaign.  Here are the reasons why:

1.  Perry has already said that he would run for President again, unlike Daniels, Christie, Rubio, and Jeb Bush who have declined repeated invitations.

2.  Perry is already on the ballot in many of the states that have yet to vote (including Illinois)  and he has time to qualify for additional states.

3.  Erick has  said that he would vote for Perry (or Cain) in Georgia.  We should take that as a signal to rally to Perry as our candidate.

4.  When Newt’s campaign finally fails (and it will), Newt will return the favor and endorse Perry if Perry is back in the race.

5.  The Texas primary, with a treasure trove of 155 delegates, has been postponed until May 29.

6.  States with 299 delegates (including California with 172 delegates) don’t vote until June.

7.  There aren’t going to be any more debates (Perry’s Achilles heel), and if there are, Perry  measurably increased his performance in the last debates in which he appeared.

8.  While Perry is unlikely to get to 1144 delegates (and neither is Santorum or Gingrich), he holds the best hope of producing a brokered convention.

9.  A brokered convention will almost certainly select someone who has been a candidate, who has been vetted and who enters the convention with a base of committed delegates.

10.  Rick Perry is the consistent limited government, 10th Amendment conservative who was first to take on the Obama “war on religion” before it became a major issue.

Rick:  Climb back on the horse. And let’s all of us saddle up and ride with him.