Stop Romney; vote for Ron Paul in New Hampshire

Before you call me a Paulbot and start ranting about how dangerous and deranged Ron Paul is, please hear me out.  I am not advocating a President Ron Paul.  I am proposing that conservatives have only one chance of defeating Mitt Romney in New Hampshire, which may be the last chance of stopping his inevitable march to the nomination.  If Romney wins big in New Hampshire, both South Carolina and Florida will fall like dominoes.  He must be stopped tomorrow.  And the only person that has a chance of defeating him in New Hampshire is — Ron Paul.

In the Suffolk/News Tracking Poll, Paul has closed the gap between he and Romney from 29 points to 13 points in the last five days.  Romney is going down, Paul is going up and closing in.  With independents permitted to vote in New Hampshire, Paul probably has more than the 20% he is currently polling.  At the same time, Santorum and Gingrich are mired at 10% – 11% each,  about half of Paul’s vote.  Neither has any credible chance of bringing down Romney in New Hampshire.  But Paul can.

Gingrich and Santorum voters can do one of two things tomorrow.  You can stand by your men and watch Romney post a major victory.  Or, you can vote for Ron Paul and bring Romney down.  Can you imagine the headlines and the unmitigated disaster for Romney if he were to lose New Hampshire to — OMG — Ron Paul.  His support in South Carolina and Florida would collapse overnight.

And if you think that winning New Hampshire would make Ron Paul the Republican nominee, then you’re the Paulbot, not me.