Can Newt win the nomination?

Newt Gingrich is in third place in the latest Iowa Insider Advantage Poll:  Cain, Romney, and Gingrich.  Bachmann and Paul are nipping at his heels, but Perry has fallen like a rock.  If Gingrich can actually pull off a third place finish in Iowa, it will be the major news story coming out of the caucuses.  And there are only 3 candidates who will get their tickets punched out of Iowa with a chance at the nomination.  So where will Bachmann’s and Perry’s voters go?

Last night my wife (who was for Bachmann before she was for Perry) said:  “I could vote for Newt.”  I almost fell on the floor.  “I can’t vote for Romney,” she continued.  “And I can’t vote for Cain.  Romney’s not a real conservative and we’ve already elected one President who doesn’t have the experience for the job.” “What about Gingrich’s 3 wives?”  I asked.  “Who cares.  He and Bill Clinton balanced the budget,” she retorted.  “But what about the million dollar Tiffany’s account?”  “I love Tiffany’s.” she said, shooting me a dirty look.  “Could you really vote for Gingrich?”  “If Perry gets knocked out, and it’s between Gingrich, Cain, and Romney–then I’ll have to vote for Gingrich.  He’s a real conservative and he’s got the experience to be President.”

So there you have it:  Newt’s path to victory–at least a third place finish in Iowa, picking up the support of the defeated candidates who drop out, becoming the viable conservative alternative to Cain and Romney.  Now he just needs a poll showing that he can beat Obama.  We could do worse.  We could nominate Romney or Cain.  Or so my wife says.