"And the Vice President is . . .": one of these 10 governors/former governors

Reguardless of who the Republican nominee for President turns ought to be, the Vice Presidential nominee ought to be selected from the very broad pool of highly qualified Republican governors.  The Republican ticket this fall needs to run against Washington, and not just Obama.  The Presidential candidate is guaranteed to be an “outsider”, even if its Michele Bachmann.   Here are 10 picks for VP, listed in reverse order of preference, that you can’t go wrong with:

10.  Nikki Haley,South Carolina–from my home state, but someone has to place last.

9.  Jon Huntsman, Utah–Strong foreign policy credentials.

8.  Haley Barbour, Mississippi–Corporate connections.

7.  Rick Snyder, Michigan–one of most appealing of the new Republican governors and a potential swing state

6.  Bobby Jindal, Louisiana–maybe Bachmann’s best choice to show she isn’t prejudiced

5.  Chris Christie, New Jersey–maybe Romney’s best choice to fire up the base

4.  Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota–maybe Perry’s best choice, to show he isn’t too “cowboy”

3.  Susan Martinez, New Mexico–swing state, Hispanic, female, need we say more?

2.  Bob McDonnell, Virginia–must win swing state

1.  Mitch Daniels, Indiana–Midwest, swing state,  and budget experience