Sneak Preview: 10 Proposals that you will find in the Obama "Jobs" Program

10.  Extend unemployment benefits for another 12 months to the long-term unemployed.

9.  Expand eligibility for food stamps to 2x the poverty rate for a family of 4.

8.  Hire more government workers.

7.  Create an infrastructure bank that can borrow money for the government without calling it part of the national debt.

6.  Extend  the Obama tax credits that are set to expire on Dec. 31, 2011.

5.  Extend and increase the payroll tax exemption for two years, including employers as well as employees.

4.  A two year moratorium on reductions in the federal budget, using the 2010 budget as the baseline through 2013.

3.  Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit, which transfers funds from taxpayers to people who don’t pay taxes.

2.  Increase taxes on “the wealthiest Americans’–people and small businesses making more than $250,000 per year.

1.  “Shovel ready jobs”, only this time they will be called “rebuilding America’s infrastructure”.

In other words, the same old tired, failed, liberal, big government, wealth redistribution policies.