At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, why should veterans get job preferences?

The President has no sense of irony.  One day he is excoriating Republicans for refusing to eliminate “spending through the tax code”, and the next he is proposing a new government program of “spending through the tax code”–because that indeed is what his proposal to give businesses a $2400/$4800 tax credit for hiring veterans, preferable unemployed veterans, is.  Please explain to me how we are ever going to have tax reform that eliminates these preferential programs, simplifies the code and reduces rates, when the only thing the President can think of to create jobs is a  new credit in the tax code.

I hope the Republicans won’t bite on this one.  A job is a job and a hire is a hire.  It makes no difference to the economy whether the person hired is a veteran or not.  In fact, I thought we were all about hiring the most qualified person.  Isn’t Obama’s proposal simply affirmative action for veterans?

I know how this might sound, but I’m really not against hiring veterans.  I am, however, against the government attempting to interfere with and manipulate hiring by private businesses.  More importantly, I am for simpler, flatter taxes–and this proposal takes us in the opposite direction.  For this reasons, I oppose giving preferential treatment to veterans as a part of the tax code.

But, if you own a business and you’re feeling patriotic:  Hire a Vet.  Just don’t expect the government to reward you for doing the right thing.  That’s what got us into this mess.