Dick Durbin should have accepted Rand Paul's offer.

On Saturday, Rand Paul asked for unanimous consent to add a balanced budget amendment to the Reid proposal to increase the debt limit.  Paul informed Dick Durbin, the Republican whip, that he would guarantee 10 votes for the Reid bill, if the Democrats would only accept the BBA proposal.  Durbin at first reacted in disbelief.  Then he hesitated.  Then he objected to the request for unanimous consent.  All he could marshall as an explanation was — Rand Paul and Mike Lee had both voted to table the Boehner bill just the day before.  Too bad–those 10 votes would have given Durbin and Reid the 60 votes they needed for cloture and to pass Reid’s proposal.  They would have ensured the Tea Party votes needed in the House to also passed the Reid proposal.  The Reid bill with a BBA would have become law.

How different things would now be, if Durbin had embraced the Tea Party amendment to Reid’s bill.  The liberals wouldn’t be looking like the losers that they are.  The Congressional Black Caucus wouldn’t be eating Satan Sandwiches.  And the President wouldn’t have had to give away the store to get a deal.   But Durbin and the Democrats couldn’t accept a deal with the Tea Party–even if it was the best deal they were going to get.  Instead they put their fate in the hands of “Joebama”, as Nancy Pelosi called the President– Not realizing that the President had already gone over to the Dark Side, also.  This is why even Maureen Dowd now gets it–the Tea Party is better at governing.