Yard Sale for America

I’ve seen that several readers have stuff or money they are willing to donate to help out with the debt crisis.  I betcha every American has at least a couple or five thousand dollars  worth of stuff laying around their house, stuffed in their attic or taking up space in their garage that they could easily part with.  So forget the Boehner Plan, the McConnell Plan, the Reid Plan.  Put Cut, Cap and Balance aside for another day.  Here’s the Toonces the Cat Plan for solving the debt crisis:  A Yard Sale for America–with all proceeds going to the IRS.

The Yard Sale for America will be held on August 1, so that we can rescue America from default at the very last minute.  Every red-blooded, true-blue American citizen will be expected to do his/her patriotic duty:  buy, buy, buy, and sell, sell, sell.  This is infinitely better than the Democrats plan which is tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend.  Wealthy Americans will be expected to step up to the plate and buy more than their fair share.   President Obama should show leadership (finally) by purchasing several hundred thousands of dollars in used and/or slightly damaged goods–since he has all this extra money he doesn’t need.  Warren Buffet and the “Millionaires for Higher Taxes” should lead the charge and put their money where their mouths are.  No bartering at this yard sale–everything goes for full price.  We don’t want to let our country down.  So put an American flag in your yard and get ready to turn your trash into someone’s treasures.  Now take that Moody’s.  And don’t mess with America.