10 Reasons why I might support Mitt Romney

I’m not a fan of Mitt Romney.  There is a great deal about him that I just don’t like.  Romneycare and his refusal to denounce Romneycare–to name two.  Some of it is visceral–as an evangelical Christian, I am bothered by the fact that he is a Mormon.  But then I remember that I’m not choosing a pastor, but a President.  As the field shapes up, and as more and more of the candidates that I really want to support take a pass on running, I am beginning to confront a harsh reality–I might have to support Mitt Romney.

And here is the ultimate reality–unless you live in Iowa or New Hampshire, the field is going to be significantly diminished by the time most of us get a chance to vote.  I live in South Carolina, which means that my vote will count, but I may not get either my first or second choice.  I will in all likelihood have to choose between 3 or 4 candidates–one of whom will be MItt Romney.  In that eventuality, here are ten good reasons why Romney could get my support and my vote for the Republican nomination:

1.  He’s not Barack Obama.

2.  He can beat Barack Obama, which may not be the case with other possible nominees–Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, for instance, both of whom I like, are probably unelectable.

3.  When it comes down to it, fully one half of the other choices are extremely unappealing–Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, and Rudy Giuliani, for example.

4.  It would be best to avoid a protracted nomination fight.  If Romney emerges as the clear frontrunner, there will be a “Stop Romney” movement.  I don’t think that will be productive for the party.

5.  He has a MIdwest Connection, having been born and raised in MIchigan where his father was governor.  I am convinced the Midwest will determine this election.

6.  He will make a smart choice for his running mate–probably another governor with Pawlenty, Jindal, Daniels, and Christie in the mix.  This choice will significantly help the ticket.

7.  He has Executive experience, unlike many of the other candidates.

8.  He has Business experience, unlike almost all of the other candidates, and the economy will be the deciding factor in this election.

9.  He has campaign experience, which will help him avoid making costly mistakes and blunders, like those we have already seen from other candidates.

10. His proposal to grant waivers for Obamacare to all 50 states on his first day in office is one of the best ideas that I’ve heard from any candidate.   It shows he has an actual plan to effectively eliminate Obamacare, even if it can’t be repealed by Congress.  It also shows he understands the role of the President.