Rick Santorum's running--Why?

Rick Santorum made it official today–He is a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.  And–guess what–unlike apparently some of the other candidates–he’s “in it to win it!” Lots of luck.

Santorum showed up for his announcement party today without either a necktie or any real hope of being the Republican nominee.  Seriously, and I’m not being entirely petty, what is it with candidates wearing a dress shirt and jacket without a necktie?  Since Mitt Romney abandoned wearing a necktie, it seems like every candidate is showing up without one–as though that will make us think they’re regular guys?  I don’t think so.  There’s nothing about Santorum that says “regular guy”–more like regular geek.

Unfortunately for Santorum, he is a social conservative candidate in a year for fiscal conservatives.  Doubley unfortunately, the field is already loaded with social conservatives who didn’t lose by double-digits the last time they ran for office.  Tripley (if there is such a word) unfortunate, Mitch (we need a moratorium of social issues) Daniels decided not to run.

Santorum should have kept his Fox gig.  He’s got a large family to feed.  Can you say Iowa and out?