Michele Bachmann's "Moneybomb"

Stealing a page from Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann launched a 24-hour moneybomb today with a modest goal of $240,000.  At this point, however, its beginning to look like her bomb may turn out to be a dud.  As of 7 p.m. EDT, Bachmann had only raised $86,941.  This is only about 35% of her goal almost halfway through the fundraising 24 hour period.  Earlier in the day, she had ads up on the internet, including RedState, which seem to have been taken down.

Even if she were to reach her goal, that pales in comparison to the $1 million moneybomb dropped by Ron Paul with 24 hours of the first debate, and the $10.3 million raised by Mitt Romney in a 24 hour period last week.  Even Tim Pawlenty raised almost $2 million in house party events accompanying the announcement of his candidacy.  By attempting a moneybomb, Bachmann runs a serious risk by publicly demonstrating over the internet her fund-raising ability/inability which is previously untested as a potential Presidential candidate.  If she fails in this effort, or barely succeeds, it will be a major set back to her candidacy.