The Left's list of 10 Presidential contenders for 2016 or "So you think the Republican field is thin?"

GreginFla suggested that since I posted a list of “Ten More Republicans who aren’t running for President” (http://www.redstate.com/tooncesthecat/2011/05/20/ten-more-republican-who-arent-running-for-president-but-really-ought-to/) that I should publish a list of potential Democratic candidates in 2016.  He asked: Do they have anyone who could run in 2012 or 2016 besides Obama ?  The implication is that the left would have a difficult time coming up with an acceptable candidate.  With apologies to the current field of Republican candidates, here’s my take on the potential Democratic field in 2016 that will challenge the yet-to-be-determined incumbent conservative Republican President:

Ed Rendell: The former governor of Pennsylvania is the Democrat’s Mitt Romney–clearly a front-runner, but too moderate (he’s appeared on FoxNews repeatedly) to win the nomination.

Rahm Emanuel:  Mayor of Chicago and Obama’s former Chief of Staff, he engineered the Democratic take-over of Congress in 2006 and like Newt Gingrich is a lightning rod for controversy.  His mouth will repeatedly get him in trouble, if he runs.

Andrew Cuomo:  The governor of New York who, unlike his father, will not hesitate to run.  The true lefties will question his efforts to trim state government and take on the state employees unions, asking “Is he liberal enough?”  He doesn’t have the charisma of his father and will generate comparisons with Tim Pawlenty.

Dennis Kucinich:  The serial lefty candidate who has become the Ron Paul of the Democratic Party.  His proposal to impeach Obama for the bombing of Libya will not be forgiven.

Russ Feingold:  He lost his Senate seat in an election year that was very bad for his party, like Rick Santorum for the Republicans.  Everything a socialist would want in a President.  The only real question is whether John McCain will endorse him.

Chris Matthews:  The media darling of the left, but can he send a thrill up anyone’s leg like Herman Cain does for conservatives?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz:  Outspoken ultra-liberal Congresswoman from Florida and Chair of the Democratic National Committee, the Michelle Bachmann of the Democratic Party.

Charlie Crist:  Elected the Republican governor of Florida, but a politician who would rather switch than fight.  Why is he running?  Like Buddy Roemer, his candidacy will go no where.

Jerry Brown:  Governor Moonbeam, the perfect answer to Gary Johnson’s bid for the Republican nomination

Hillary Clinton:  She is leaving as Secretary of State either to spend her “golden years” with Bill or to crank up a 2016 campaign.  Like Sarah Palin, she may keep everyone guessing until the last minute.  But if she does run, she will be a formidable candidate and a strong favorite for the nomination.  Every liberals dream candidate (next to Obama, of course).  However, In the end, she’ll decide not to run.