Does anyone want the Republican nomination?

Maybe we should blame Jeb Bush.  He started the ball rolling by making not running for President an okay thing to do.  At least not in 2012.  Even when lots of people want you to run.  Even expect you to run. For the past year he has been saying that he won’t run for President.  His father wanted him to run.  His brother wanted him to run.  The National Review wanted him to run.  But no, not even when polls show him trouncing Obama in his must-win home state of Florida.

Or maybe we should blame Bobby Jindall.  Early on, he also said he wasn’t running.  Thanks, but no thanks.  How about Mike Pence?  He wins the Values Voters Straw Poll and then says, Sorry but I’m running for Governor instead.  John Thune? Maybe? Nope. No reason, just nope. Haley Barbour?  Hasn’t got the fire in the belly.  Marco Rubio?  Flattered but committed to the voters of Florida who elected him to the Senate. And Chris Christie? God Bless Him.  Doesn’t feel qualified but keep asking and I’ll keep saying No. After all what do I have to do, kill myself?   Chris, you’re breaking Ann Coulter’s heart.

And now that ball is picking up momentum.  Daily.  In the past week, five more major Republicans took themselves out of contention.  MIke Huckabee isn’t feeling it in his heart.  Donald Trump isn’t feeling it in his ego.  Neither will be candidates.  Meanwhile Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich announced that they will put their names on the ballot, but don’t really want the nomination either.  Paul disqualified himself on the day he announced by questioning the killing of Osama bin Ladin and proposing that FEMA be abolished and heroin legalized.  Romney followed up with a sincere, heartfelt defense of Romneycare that destroyed his candidacy.  He shoulda flip-flopped.  And Gingrich pulled a two-fer on Meet the Press: defending the individual mandate on health care and attacking Paul Ryan‘s proposed Medicare Reform.  Dead. Dead. and Dead.

If this keeps up we’re going to end up with a choice between Buddy Roemer and Gary Johnson.