Mitch Daniel's secret weapon

Last night, at the Indiana GOP’s spring fundraiser, Mitch Daniel’s unveiled his secret weapon in his campaign for President.  Cheri Daniels was the keynote speaker before a boisterous crowd of 1,100 that greeted Mitch with pre-made signs and screams of “Run, Mitch, Run”.  This was the first major political speech ever given by the Indiana First Lady, although Daniels has been governor going on eight years. The first words she said were, “This isn’t so bad after all.”  That was music to Daniel’s supporter ears, as she is generally acknowledged as the major sticking point in his decision to run.

Cheri Daniel’s speech complete with pictures of her milking a cow and driving a dump truck was a humorous look at her years as First Lady.  If you’re from New York or California, you may not get it.  But in Iowa and South Carolina, the Republican base will love her.  She and Mitch have a deal that she doesn’t have to go anywhere that she doesn’t want to.  But she loves State Fairs.  And the Iowa State Fair is August 11 and 12–the two days immediately preceding the Ames Straw Poll on August 13.  Expect photos of Cheri Daniels walking away with the blue ribbon in the cow milking contest in the Dairy Cow Barn to be all over the front pages of Iowa newspapers as people are driving into Ames.  With the support that he is already lining up from current and former governors, Daniels could quickly become the prohibitive front-runner before summer’s end.

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