Daniels-Christie 2012?

This morning on the Today show, Speaker Boehner strongly encourgaged Governors Chris Christie and Mitch Daniels to declare their candidacies for President.  Boehner complimented both Christie and Daniels on their records of reducing spending and balancing budgets.  He also noted that both offered the kind of plain, straight talk that Americans want to hear.  Only yesterday Christie himself told Philadephia radio WPHT that he would consider endorsing Mitch Daniels, if Daniels decided to run.  Four days ago, Daniels himself told Al Hunt that he would decide probably before Memorial Day.  Expect, in fact, for Daniels to decide before the Memorial Day meeting between Iowa fund-raisers and Chris Christie.  And expect that when Daniels does announce his candidacy, he will have Haley Barbour and Chris Christie standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him.  With more and more Republicans believing that Chris Christie is the ideal candidate, the stars may just be lining up for a Daniels-Christie ticket.  Christie has never said he wouldn’t run for Vice President.