The Gingrich Wing of the Republican Party

A spokesman for Newt Gingrich announced today that Newt will announce his candidacy for Presidency on Wednesday on–where else–FoxNews.  Sitting at 8% – 10% in the polls and with negatives higher than his positives, it makes you wonder, “What is he thinking?”  Not that Gingrich doesn’t represent a certain segment of the Republican Party–the wheeler-dealer, Washington insider, ethically-impaired, serial adulterer wing of the party.  Those who support Gingrich apparently have no problems with lying, as long as you’re not under oath.  Gingrich, for whom the “Newt Defense” of marital infidelity is named, is in a long line of Washington politicians who believe that personal morality can be totally separated from civic responsibility and being a womanizer is not a barrier to being elected President.  Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton are Presidents who held similar views during the past half century, but they were all Democrats.  Oh, you say, but he’s the smartest man in the Republican party.  That kind of rationalization just doesn’t cut it.  So–a word of advice to the married men who are thinking of supporting Newt:  “Don’t tell your wife.”