Kill Bin Laden, Wag the Dog

In January before leaving the White House to return to Chicago and putting the final touches on Obama’s campaign launch, David Axelrod lamented to the President, “If there was only something we could do to distract public attention from the economy and open up the pocketbooks of the big donors.”  Obama looked him in the eye and said:  “What if we kill Usama Bin Laden?”  Axelrod laughed and said:  “Sure.  Either that or release your real birth certificate.”  Obama stared him down and said:  “I’m serious.  We know where he is.  I can order him dead anytime I want.”

Think this didn’t happen?  Or at least something very similar?  Consider then that the video/email pre-launch of Obama’s campaign was April 4.  On April 13, Obama gave his speech attacking the Republican budget proposal at George Washington University.  On April 14, Obama officially launched his campaign in Chicago, following the announcement with a $35,800 a person fund-raiser.  On April 20, 21, and 27, Obama had campaign events and $35,800 a person fund-raisers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City respectively.  Also on the 27th, he released his official “Certificate of Live Birth”, showing that he had indeed been born in Hawaii.    Following the event in NYC on the evening of the 27th, he flew back to Washington to lay final plans for the Navy Seals’ assault on Bin Laden’s compound.  This included calling in Muslim religious officials to determine the appropriate way to dispose of the body.  On Sunday, May 1, the National Security team was assembled in the Situation Room and the Assault was given the green light.  Once word was received that Bin Laden had been killed, the President prepared to go on television as soon as DNA confirmation was received.  Mission Accomplished.  Economy forgotten.  Budget deficit no longer important.  A week-long series of photo ops was rolled out including a wreath laying at the Twin Towers and an appearance on 60 minutes.  And you think this wasn’t all contrived in advance?  Killing Bin Laden was all about the re-election campaign and had very little to do with the war of terror.  That’s why National Security officials continue to almost apologize for putting a bullet in Usama’s head.

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