Last Thoughts on First Debate

It’s now been over 72 hours and the first debate is becoming a distant memory.  Here are my last thoughts.  Feel free to offer yours, and then let’s put this puppy to bed.

1.  Herman Cain “won” but it doesn’t matter.  None of the Sunday talk shows invited him to be a guest, and even the panel of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace didn’t mention the debate.

2.  A lot of you really hate Ron Paul, but that doesn’t change the fact that Chris Wallace did invite him (not Cain) to be on Fox News Sunday next week.  This, along with the million dollar moneybomb, makes Ron Paul the real winner of the debate.  Fox, which has a history of dismissing RP, is now forced to accept that he is a player in 2012.

3.  The MSM and most Republican insiders generally agreed that TPaw gave a steady, competent performance, and has an excellent shot at winning the Republican nomination, if a charismatically-challenged candidate can.  Also that he may be the best candidate to beat Obama. (Just kidding.)

4.  Gary Johnson is just strange, and will probably never be seen again except at the top of a mountain. Sad.  I really liked his idea about giving illegal immigrant a work visa if they would move to Detroit.

5.  Rick Santorum is bipolar–the family values candidate refused to attack Gingrich’s multiple infidelities, and urged a man who violated not one, but two, marriage vows to “speak the truth”.

6.  The candidates in this debate were so obscure that SNL decided to spoof a fake Republican debate with candidates that everyone knows.

7.  Herman Cain’s best line, “How’s that working for you”  is really a rip-off of Sarah Palin (“How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya.”)

8.  I learned something that I didn’t know:  My neighbors in South Carolina are smart enough to avoid using heroin without the federal government making it illegal.  But, after all, we don’t have many Democrats living here.

9.  Jon Huntsman should have gotten in on this warm-up debate, because he won’t be invited to the real debates.

10.    The second Republican debate won’t be held until after June when we get the real field of candidates committed:  Romney, Daniels, Gingrich, Bachmann, Trump, Palin, and Huckabee.

And now it’s time to “Turn out the lights; the party’s over.” “Goodnight, Gary.”  “Goodnight, Rick. “Goodnight, Herman.”  “Goodnight, TPaw.”  “Goodnight, Ron-Boy.”