Suppose they gave a debate and nobody came

That’s kind of what happened last night.  So before everyone goes Lady Ga-ga over Herman Cain, just keep in mind that no one in the focus group that picked him as the winner actually said they were definitely voting for him.  Unless he gets to at least 5% in the polls, he’s going to get bounced off the stage when the “big boys” (and gals) decide to show up.  Winning last night was kind of like being chosen Queen of the Collard Green Festival and thinking you could compete to be Miss America.  Not going to happen.  Say good-bye to Gary Johnson and Rick Santorum, also.  They will soon join Fred Karger and Buddy Roemer as candidates without  podium.  And if Pawlenty can’t win a debate against this crew of nobodys, how do you think he’ll fare with the real candidates.  He should have taken a free shot at Romney when he had a chance.  Romney will eat his lunch on cap-and-trade.  All in all this wasn’t bad for a warm-up act.  But personally, I’ll save my applause until we get Gingrich, Romney, Daniels, Bachmann, and Trump on-stage, with maybe Palin and Huckabee.  That’s when all of these guys from last night will be toast.

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