OPINION--Naming the Beast: Many Chinese Died-That Number Is 250,000+!

OPINION--Naming the Beast: Many Chinese Died-That Number Is 250,000+!
Xie Huanchi/Xinhua via AP

China is trying to hide the number of Wuhan Flu deaths that they have had, we can’t let them do that!

It is important to say that which must not be said aloud so, here it is… China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu!  

Words to chill our souls… “We found no documentary or testimonial evidence that…” When Horowitz released his report on the FISA abuses, this phrase was used 17 times in finding after finding brought immediate, visceral reactions from a long-suffering conservative base.  We thought, I know where this is going, thinking that, once again, the elites were going to get away with another affront to the free peoples of this nation.  More on this later.

The Chinese have lied about the events centered on the city of Wuhan within their country and those lies have cost the rest of the world 10’s of thousands of deaths!  They lied often… about everything and anything… and, before they got through making lies up on their own, they recruited a few of their friends in Iran and Russia to craft a bigger lie.

They all echoed the line that “It was the evil Satan, the United States, that had brought the pandemic on an innocent nation, theirs… China! We good citizens of the world need you to unite behind us and punish this great Satan.”

The Big Lie

China has hidden the true extent of their lies with the seeming hope that few countries will identify the size and extent of that lie.  These countries will say things like “These numbers don’t really make sense” and “We need to understand the extent of how deadly this disease is better in the China” but, there is something about actually giving a value to how many people died in China that reminds me of the phrase from a popular series of novels, “He that must not be named.”

Having the Goods on the Chinese

Back to Horowitz’s phrase… do we have “Documentary or testimonial evidence that…” the Chinese had 250,000+ deaths due to the Wuhan Flu

Documentary evidence?  Nope! destroyed or altered and anyone that spoke up was… disappeared or has since died!

Testimonial evidence?  Nope! Not that either.  As someone said concerning Horowitz’s findings, “What [Chinese] operative leave behind documentary evidence or would give testimony against what they did?”  We are unlikely to find that.

But… Why should we have access to that evidence because, as I said above, “They lied often, about everything and anything, and before they got through with trying to pull the lie off alone,  they recruited a few of their friends in Iran and Russia to craft a bigger lie…”

China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu!  I’ve said it again so, now I must demonstrate that the number isn’t just the rantings of some lunatic.


What evidence do we have to put a value to the number of deaths in China?  Here are a few, none are beyond reproach because the Chinese, you know, are lying.

Search the Web for “China 250,000 deaths’ and you get a few results, some that include the words 250,000 without referring to there being that many deaths.

Some of the above are opinions on the number of deaths.  One report, in attempt to argue from authority, quotes a CIA source.  Other pieces show the how and why that number seems ‘to be a reasonable, and informed, estimate’ of the fact that China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu.

The one by this author at RedState could be a difficult read but I’ve tried to summarize it here.

The RedState Piece—Some Explanation

The last piece identified above using some leaked or mistakenly released data points combined with some simple logic to arrive at a value of ~270,000 for the number of Chinese deaths.  Three Methods were used to estimate the number of deaths in China, with progressively larger results.  The methods are somewhat involved but, are explained in detailed in the original piece.  Essentially, since China has roughly 4x the US’ population, the method used to estimate Italy’s and the US’ expected death total from China’s estimated total

Checking Results*: The table in the article, shown above, shows three methods to arrive at an estimate for deaths in China (see the original article for details.)

You should note that, like cross-checks in a bookkeeper’s spreadsheet, the final row (using Method 3) provides a way to check our work.  The last two columns contain 2 totals for the total projected numbers of US deaths: (1) 44,484 and (2) 63,549 deaths with the difference between the two being that estimate (1) assumes the US would only have 70% of the population adjusted totals as China had and the higher total (63,549) being without assuming we would do better than China did because we would, well, do better.

Current estimates from other sources are that the US death total will be in the 60K range.  Looking at the table and checking the deaths in China that result in that number is that China had around 270,000 deaths due to the Wuhan Flu.  That is not dispositive, but it is a pretty good indication that we’re close and that… China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu!

Lifting the Shroud of Secrecy Around China and Wuhan Flu Death Counts

Eventually, the shroud of secrecy will be lifted on this disaster, hopefully it won’t take the equivalent of the Soviet Union’s collapse and years upon years of digging through their archives but, right now we only have the certainty that China is lying and that indications point to it being a BIG lie.

China: Keeping the Big Lie Working

Joseph Goebbels said:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Silence Implies Consent

Is that statement known beyond a shadow of a doubt?  In other words, did we find: “documentary or testimonial evidence that…”?

No, nor should we expect to, especially if China is lying.  But we have to recognize that we have (a) good reason to assume it’s true and (b) China will never be forced to provide evidence to the contrary to support their repeated claims that they had less than 3,500 deaths from the Wuhan Flu.

I say we stop implying consent, or at a minimum cover for them to continue with their lies and, openly state what we believe to be true and let them resist the pressure prove us wrong.

The earlier we do it and the more that we force them to counter our statements that China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu, the sooner China will have to suffer the consequences from the big lie.  So, once again, I believe…

China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu so… prove me wrong!

Hopefully, I have convinced some of us to continue repeating this fact too.  Do it not because you’re being asked to be a mindless automaton but because you looked at the same evidence and (a) it made sense to you too and (b) none of the defenses against the acquisition holds water for you.

If I have, the phrase “China had more than 250,000 deaths from the Wuhan Flu” should be repeated loudly and often and then, maybe, China will pay some price for what their lies and deceit has wrought on the rest of the world.  One thing I’m pretty sure of is that if we don’t force the issue to the forefront our chances of getting the gutless wonders in our government, other governments, and the useless UN agencies to force the issue will be slim to none.

*  Note: The original article was published a week ago but it was based on analysis presented in comments March 20th, See here. The method used to compute an expected number of deaths in the US used now is the same as that used on March 20th; however the total number of Chinese deaths to use a basis for the computations has been revised upwards based on data from other sources.

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