Watercooler 9/2/17 Open Thread: Last Week, RedState - The Great Flood, Arpaio, N. Korean Crazy, and Then More


Welcome to today’s edition of Watercooler: Last Week, RedState.   This WC is all about Posts, Reader’s Diaries, and comments at RedState.

Hot Topics Last Week:

Arpaio Pardon:  If you missed it, this piece by Patterico announced that Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio.  Susan reported that before that happened Trump Asked Attorney General Sessions If DOJ Could Intervene, Drop Arpaio Case.   Jay, noted the marketing chops of Trump in this piece as The President Timed Arpaio Pardon for Ratings!

The great flood, Houston:   Streiff ponders the question, Why Did Houston’s Mayor Tell Residents To Not Evacuate? and he also notes that the left is Still Crazy After All These Years (sorry Paul) with this on some idiot leftist’s (I know, it’s redundant!) take on the worthiness of Houston to not be flooded, University Professor ‘Suspended’ for Saying Texas Deserved Hurricane Harvey!

To prove that crazy isn’t limited to some sad-sack professor there was this idiocy about President Trump Is Visiting Texas But All the Internet Cares About Is Melania’s Shoes. Seriously? Shoes?

Antifa: Streiff explained that Berkeley ‘Antifa’ Demonstrate Why They Have No Place in America and notes that Representative Pete King Is a Lying Liar (there weren’t many dissents raised to that statement).

Teri noted that In Their Own Words: This Chilling Chant Shows What ‘Antifa’ Fascists are All About  and Susan asks… As Antifa Continues Their Attacks, We Have To Ask When Will Enough Be Enough?, the obvious answer seems to be “Never!”  Teri Christoph chimed in noting that Tucker is Right: ‘Antifa’ IS the Militant Wing of the Democrat Party, there weren’t any dissents to this either!

Antifa chick: Dana Pico noted an anomaly in the fabric of space with this piece noting that The Washington Post starts to tell the truth about #Antifa.

Things we already knew but someone was afraid to admit to: If there was any doubt before about the DNC’s duplicity under DWS this piece by Brad Slager should remove it as The DNC in Federal Court Admits it Rigged its Primary for Hillary!

In another area where there really wasn’t much doubt before, but Streiff notes that the Senate Committee Confirms Comey Reached His Decision to Exonerate Clinton BEFORE the Investigation Started, it brings new meaning to the idea that Justice is Blind only… I’m pretty sure that not caring whether someone committed a crime is quite how the saying was intended!

North Korean Crazy: Streiff explains why the hermit kingdom shows that they’re not afraid of the big bad wolf noting that The Latest North Korean Missile Test Is a Carefully Calculated Middle Finger to US and Allies!  That should work out well for them.

To that act of sending missiles over someone else’s house Nikki Haley Says “Enough Is Enough” As UN Security Council Condemns North Korea.  Andre Ruth describes how Ambassador Haley opened up a can of whupa$$ in this piece Haley Gets Real with North Korea.

Judiciary Crazy: Joe Cunningham provided more evidence that the judiciary is running amok in our country with this piece detailing how a Judge Blocks Portions of Texas Anti-Sanctuary City Law Joe reports Mueller Working with New York Attorney General as Mueller Working with New York Attorney General as Russia Probe Intensifies, that isn’t really surprising but concerning nevertheless.

The Anti-Crazy: Streiff provides the skinny on subjects near and dear to his, and most RedStaters’ heart as he notes that Jeff Sessions Announces Reversal of Obama Policy on Arming Police Forces.  He also wrote a great piece on The Nashville Declaration where Evangelicals Affirm Biblical Teaching on Human Sexuality and the Neo-Pagan Left Craps Itself.

Over at the UN he notes how our fearless UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley Hammers UN Peacekeeping Force For Concealing Hezbollah Rearmament!   Joe Cunningham announced boldly that Mattis Halts Transgender Military Ban but there were a few dissents as to the real meaning of this ‘Halt’.

Tail Wags Dog:

Jay asked the question, Does Anybody Understand What These New Trumpers Think They’re Achieving?  and it takes the prize in this category as over 250 comments were registered.  If you haven’t been back to that post for a while it might be worth popping by and scanning through the comments section again.

This and That:

I thought this was amazing, not from RS but… still amazing:

Record Breaking Sandcastle

RedState Gatekeeper:

Recognizing our own:  Streiff managed some well-deserved recognition and he noted that A Quote From RedState Landed In the New York Times


As noted in my July 1st post, a few members of the RedState community have pointed out that the Posting Rules link does not work and I was going to “post one or more of the rules each week until the Posting Rules are restored”.  A complete list of these rules can be found in the diary here but we are now up to #12:

12. Re-registration under a new username by a person with a previously banned account, without permission from the site proprietors, is forbidden. Circumvention of site bans is not allowed.

Nice rule but I suspect putting a wolf in sheep’s clothing won’t stop them from saying the same things and getting banned again!


Drink up, that’s it for the Watercooler today. Remember, it’s an open thread all about RedState contributors from the front page, Reader’s Diaries, or in the comments section.

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