EPA Regulatory Overreach? Gotta Love it When The Justice System Works

Over at Anthony Watts’ website Watts Up With That, some good news can be found (at least for conservatives) on the regulatory front about reining in the EPA’s lawlessness.  You can read the whole post here.

Citing an AP article, Willis Eschenbach, wrote:

The judge said the EPA is required by law to analyze the economic impact on a continuing basis when enforcing the Clean Air Act and McCarthy’s response “evidences the continued hostility on the part of the EPA to acceptance of the mission established by Congress.”

Bailey ordered the EPA to identify facilities harmed by the regulations during the Obama presidency by July 1. That includes identifying facilities at risk of closure or reductions in employment.

Further ordering:

The judge also set a Dec. 31 deadline for the EPA to provide documentation on how it is continuously evaluating the loss and shifts in employment that may result from administration and enforcement of the Clean Air Act.

And, if that wasn’t enough to warm your heart, the judge  concluded that:

“[The] EPA does not get to decide whether compliance with (the law) is good policy, or would lead to too many difficulties for the agency,” Bailey wrote. “It is time for the EPA to recognize that Congress makes the law, and EPA must not only enforce the law, it must obey it.”

All of this led Mr. Eschenbach to pessimistically conclude that:

And this in turn opens the door to overturning a whole host of existing regulations. All that needs to be done is to show that the cost of lost jobs was NOT considered in the EPA finding, and it would have to be reviewed … by the new Administration.

Maybe Congress can avoid the tedious process of forcing at least this one rogue, supposedly science-based, bureaucracy to roll back their regulatory overreach en-masse.