Another Reason for Obama's Immigration Amnesty

Another Amnesty
Another Amnesty

“Seems like it was only last week we were being lectured about prosecutorial discretion.” – Twitter

Let me say at the outset that Obama’s amnesty program for illegal immigrants is blatantly, well, illegal.  The standard explanation — at least the explanation that makes sense — is that he’s trying to increase the number of Democrat voters.

Today, however, a more cynical reason emerged.  Here in California, the amnesty will make illegals eligible for MediCal (the Medicaid program).  And, of course, they will enroll through the state’s exchange.  Meaning higher Obamacare signup numbers.

While I believe increasing the number of Democrat voters was his prime motivation, I also think raising Obamacare numbers played a part in this action.  Of course, that makes the amnesty even more cynical and deplorable.