What Our Antagonists Think Of Us

I have a long-time friend who hosts an annual reunion at his summer place in New Hampshire with his six closest friends from his days at Harvard; together with their spouses and children.  The friend has evolved into a staunch constitutional conservative and an evangelical Christian active in his church.  The friends have all predictably followed the path to political leftism and secular humanism that so many of the East Coast Oligarchy have taken.

At their most recent get-together, the seven former classmates were ardently discussing the issues of the day while the others looked on.  Despite being outnumbered six to one, my friend said he “gave as well as he got.”

While the discussion was underway, my friend overheard a comment the teenage daughter of one of his friends made to her mother.  It shows what is being taught in the public schools of the prosperous suburbs of the East, as well as in the establishment prep schools where the Intellectual Left send their progeny.

The daughter said, “Why are we even visiting this man in his house and socializing with him?  We are supposed to hate people like him.”

This is from the socioeconomic group that calls itself open-minded.