My call to the NRSC...nothing but SPIN SPIN SPIN

Lady: How may I help you?

Me: I was just on the NRSC website and was wondering why certain Republican candidates for Senate weren’t listed.

Lady: What?? I’m confused, what are you talking about? We have everyone listed there.

Me: Then why isn’t Marco Rubio listed as a GOP Candidate for florida on the website?

Lady: Oh, well in Florida’s case the NRSC has already endorsed Charlie Crist.

Me: Well, has the NRSC not endorsed someone in California then? Because I see 3 candidates listed there.

Lady: Well, the NRSC doesn’t endorse candidates until after the primaries.

Me: You just said the NRSC endorsed Crist over Rubio. The primary has not happened yet madam.

Lady: Well, the NRSC chose Crist because he is the most electable.

Me: Than why does Rubio in many polls defeat the Democrat candidate by a similar or larger margin than Crist? And why has Rubio been leading in straw polls done in Florida?

Lady: We are not aware of that sir.

Me: Hm, well thanks.

Lady: Is that all you needed?

Me: Yes mam, that’s what I wanted to hear.

Lady: Why were you curious as to that race specifically?

Me: I wanted to perhaps donate to the NRSC, but I will be sending contributions to Rubio’s campaign directly instead.

Lady: Oh. (hangs up on me without a goodbye or thank you for calling.)

Can someone explain what in the world the NRSC is thinking?!