TN Blue Dog Democrats Love Tax Cheats

Rep Gordon, Cooper and Lincoln Davis must think it’s perfectly fine for a tax cheat to be in charge of a powerful House Ways and Means Committee. This committee just oversees the IRS and the federal tax code. It’s kind of like keeping the fox to guard the hen house.

Here’s the Resolution by Rep John Carter to remove Rep Charley Rangel from Chair of the Ways and Means Committee.

It isn’t like Rangel has done anything wrong? Culture of Corruption – Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY).

I can’t wait to hear one of these “Blue Dogs” tell us how fiscally responsible they are.

Here’s the Roll Call on the resolution vote.

I guess that Bart Gordon, Jim Cooper and Lincoln Davis think that tax laws and PAYING TAXES are just for us non-legislative peons. They think that keeping a tax cheat in charge of the committee that makes tax law is the right thing to do. Interesting morals these Blue Dogs have.

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